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Up-to 50 Sq.ft Jobs

More than 50 sq.ft jobs will be charged $65.00 per additional sq.ft

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* Measurement * Template * Fabrication * Installation
* Removal and Disposal Old Countertop * Sink Cutout
* Edges * Sealing * Undermount Stainless Steel Sink
* Gooseneck Faucet (Royal 2814-c)
* Plumbing (Sink, Faucet, Garbage Disposal)

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During the estimate, measurement, and stone selection processes
you have the ability to cancel your order.

Black Galaxy

Branco Delicatus

Branco Pricema



Spider Web

Bahamas White

Viscount White

Sideral Black

Netuno Bordeaux

Moon Ray

Calacata Quartz

Brown Fantasy

Branco Romano

Bordeaux River

Artic White


During the estimate, measurement, and stone selection processes you have the ability to cancel your order.

We will refund the full amount minus “2% Credit Card Surcharge”.

You may cancel your order any time prior to the beginning of the fabrication process. Once the proposal has been signed and the stone has begun fabrication you may still cancel your order but you will NOT receive ANY refund as the stone will have been cut specifically to your home measurements and will not be compatible with other homes.

***Once proposal is signed and granite slab cutting process has begun, the order becomes non-refundable.

Designer Showroom & Warehouse

Yes you can visit our showroom & slab warehouse to see your selection in full size prior to fabrication.

Please call us at 703-638-2338 for detailed direction.

We are located off of Sterling Blvd. on Davis Drive in the Sterling Park Business Center. No appointment necessary!


The original proposal is based on the agreed specifications shown in the invoice. Any changes made after the signed proposal may result in additional charges.

This would include, but is not limited to, such changes as backsplash additions, sink, edge, & color alterations, etc.

For the interest of our clients as well as ourselves, to avoid any mistakes, we do not accept any verbal changes.

$2,499 Granite Countertop valid for projects within 1 sq.ft. – 50 sq.ft.

If your countertop project is more than 50 sqft each additional sqft will cost an additional $65.00

Granite is made by nature. Therefore, color and pattern can vary even within the same slab of stone. You may notice small holes in the top of the granite. That is because granite is a porous material which is why it gets sealed. Although the granite is sealed at the factory and then sealed again by our installers, these holes can still exist. Natural stones contain some degree of fissures, some contain more than others and some are more pronounced than others. Pitting of the countertop surface, particularly in granite, is a commonly seen characteristic of natural stone. Countertops are not be replaced due to the presence of fissures and pits.